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2017 040 Joint Information ----Hip revision instruments and products
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Why do hip revision surgery?

After primary replacement because of the following reasons have to perform artificial hip revision surgery: Mechanical loose, Infection, fracture, Artificial joint instability, Wear, Osteolysis, Prosthesis fracture

How to take out the prosthesis?

It is very difficult to remove the prosthesis during the hip revision surgery, so it is very important to have a useful and simple instrument. JUST can provide the

instrument for you.

1. Stem extractor

2. Cement removal instrument

3. Acetabular cup extractor

What revision implants JUST can provide?

A- HARMONY revision cementless cup, 13 screw holes, 54mm to 72mm;

B- AOS Antiprotrusio Cage with 3 flanges;

C- AOS Antiprotrusio Cage

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