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2017 042 Joint Information----Customization Application of Metal 3D Printing Technology
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Metal 3D printing technology is expected to solve the difficulties of the development of personalized artificial joint prosthesis."3D trabecular metal." Studies have shown that implants have good bone ingrowth  capabilities that support the growth of human skeletal cells therein, and provide a strong twist between the implants and the bones that greatly increases the binding capacity between the material and the bone bed, promoting bony healing of the prosthesisbone interface, thereby prolonging the service life of the prosthesis.

A 51yearoldman with hip joint pain for 7 years. He had a THR 13 years ago.

Customized Processes 5 steps

① Medical imaging

② Reconstruction of the defect site

③ Surgical program personalized component design

④ Printing of defective bone and personalized parts (nonmetallic)

⑤ Printing of personalized metal parts

3D Printed Trabecular Metal Prosthesis

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